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Brief review

Surfing the Internet, or working, in a public place is always a risk. iSurfer Shield aims to minimize that risk by protecting your system while you are using public WiFi. Setting up this program is really just a matter of paying and downloading. Once downloaded, iSurfer Shield will run in the background automatically. When tested, this program did run as promised, but a few drawbacks are also evident.


Using iSurfer Shield is simple enough. After downloading, this program just runs silently on its own. iSurfer Shield will protect your system as you surf the net, but it will also slow down your system if you are not careful. In fact, system slowdown is the number one complaint when it comes to this program.

Main Function

The purpose of iSurfer Shield is to block your IP address. You can also surf the Internet in iSurfer Shield’s “stealth” mode. Taking these precautions should prevent any hackers from gaining access to your computer. Unfortunately, iSurfer Shield falls short in some areas. First, it’s impossible to access some sites using iSurfer Shield. Second, the program will slow down an Internet connection significantly. It has also been reported that iSurfer Shield is not backed by adequate customer service. For these reasons, iSurfer Shield is not highly recommended by this reviewer.

Extra Features

There are no additional features to report.


iSurfer Shield is priced at $20. This is a small price to pay for a program that works flawlessly and protects a system against hackers. However, iSurfer Shield does not work flawlessly. ?

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Reviewed by Danny Mills
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